Criminal Law

criminal lawBeing charged with a crime is scary. The Court, Police, and… well… everyone seems against you. Don’t panic, we can help explain everything. We know the system and will fight with you.

Felony charges

A felony criminal charge can carry very significant penalties including fines of over $10,000.00 and Prison time. A felony conviction can also deprive you of your right to vote, possess a weapon or be in particular places. In many cases, our attorneys can help you avoid those penalties and carry on with your life.

Misdemeanor cases

A misdemeanor conviction can land you in jail for up to a year and also carry significant fines. This can come from incidents as simple as having too much to drink before you drive, or a loud argument with your spouse. These mistakes can happen very easily, and you need someone on your side to explain your options during the process.

Before sentencing

Even if you have already been convicted of a crime and are waiting to find out your penalty, our attorneys can help.  In many cases there are steps you can take post-conviction to show the judge you merit a lesser sentence than what the DA is recommending. In some situations there may even be programs with lesser stringent forms of probation, and you may even qualify to have your conviction expunged from your record.   Don’t wait until after you are sentenced, come see us now.

After sentencing

In many cases, there are steps you can take to fight your case after sentencing.  Was your lawyer ineffective; Was evidence admitted improperly; Or is the Statute you violated unconstitutional in your case? These are all questions our lawyers will look at after your conviction to determine if you have grounds to challenge the process.  In some cases a conviction can be overturned and you may have a second chance. Let Kyle and Pam determine if your situation merits a second look.

People make mistakes, and with over 30 years of combined criminal justice system experience the attorneys at Daniels and McAvoy can help you if you make a mistake.  Attorney Kyle Sargent, and Attorney Pamela McAvoy will pay close attention to your case, and try to obtain the best outcome.  In many situations having one of them on your side can result in lesser penalties or even dismissal of your charges if the circumstances are correct.  Our attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal defense matters and are willing to provide a free 30 minute consultation regarding the charges you face. If you’ve made a mistake, give Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. a call today to schedule a consultation.


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