Child Custody, Placement, and Visitation

child custody, placement, and visitationDaniels & McAvoy has over 35 years of experience focused on issues in family law concerning child custody and placement. We stress the importance of consulting with an attorney if you have any questions about custody and placement of your child(ren). We understand that your legal rights and available options are not always known or easy to find out, and we are here to assist you throughout the process and explain all of your legal options for you to make clear, well-informed decisions about your child(ren).

It is important to be thoughtful about deciding on placement because it is very difficult to change a court order once custody and placement have been decided. This is even more difficult within the first two years after custody and placement are decided by the court, so you want to make sure your voice is heard.

A Common Misunderstanding

Child custody and placement are two distinct legal terms that are often used interchangeably, and they should not be.


  • Custody: Refers to parents’ rights to have a say in major life decisions of their child(ren), including medical, educational, and religious decisions.
  • Placement: Refers to the location where the children will be staying (or “placed”) or living.
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