“I didn’t even know I had a case, came in to talk to John (Attorney Daniels) for a free consult. A month later I walked out with a huge check. John Thank you helping me get my life back on track.”—Amber L. Appleton, WI

“Attorney Daniels has been there for my family during some of the most difficult situations we have ever had to walk through. Being injured can make you feel isolated and alone. Having Attorney Daniels in our corner made us feel confident!”—Brian S. Appleton, WI

“He (John Daniels) did exactly what he said he would do. Took all the issues and dealt with them. Way more money than I would have expected. Very pleased!”—Luke Z. Appleton, WI

“They did a great job! Got me tons more then I expected. I will send all my friends and family to them.”— Gabrielle T. Appleton WI

“After all was said and done the outcome of my case was overall pleasing. Strongly recommend Daniels & McAvoy, S.C.” — Anonymous

“Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. have been fantastic to work with. I had a very complicated case that took over 3 years and Attorney John Daniels was there every step of the way. The whole staff was simply amazing. Still can hardly believe the huge settlement. Huge thank you to the firm. I would highly recommend to anyone.” — Anonymous

“The insurance company said that because of a prior injury that I would get nothing. John and his staff worked hard and got them to change their tune. I ended up getting three times what I thought I would get.” — M.B.

“After my sister died, I didn’t know which way to turn. A friend recommened Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. They took care of everything for me, and their rates were very reasonable. I highly recommend them!” — Armilla J.

“I would highly recommend Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. I received more money than I expected working with John Daniels.” — G.D.

” After our father passed away, my siblings and I found ourselves in a situation of trying to navigate through an estate issue that none of us really understood, and we had no idea how to proceed. We contacted the lawyer who helped our father draw up his will, Kathleen Drescher, at the law frim of Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. Kathleen and her staff got started on our case immediately. They were professional, thorough, thoughtful, caring, and responsive. I was amazed at how quickly everything came together, and the matter was resolved. Losing a beloved family member is extremely hard, and dealing with the ensuing financial and estate issues is emotional, stressful, and challenging. Kathleen and her staff took all of the stress of this issue off of us, walked us through every step, and got us through it with only minimal effort on our part. We are exceedingly greatful for the caring way she and the staff helped us through a heartbreaking and challenging season in our lives.” — J.M.

“Daniles & McAvoy, S.C. did a great job for us! It was so easy to work with everyone. I would defintely reccommend Daniels & McAvoy, S.C.” — Jesse

” Thank you Attorney Tim Cody and Attorney John Daniels for your kindness, guidance and professionalism in reviewing and updating my estate planning. I greatly appreciate the time and care you took with these important documents.” — CJ

“I can’t say enough about Daniels & McAvoy and Attorney John Daniels. The insurance company tried every trick in the book, Daniels & McAvoy was always one step ahead of them. The insurance company forced the matter to trial and John was fantastic! The jury awarded me $228,000.00 More than I could have ever imagined. Let the other guys have their fancy commercials, I will take Daniels & McAvoy over them everytime”. — Ryan Randerson

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